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rodent on earth. >> reporter: and that man is lawrence waba. they have the honor of being the favorite food of -- >> jaguars. >> reporter: lawrence spent a quarter of a century filming wildlife here. already showed us one side of brazil a couple of months ago. >> don't move. >> reporter: an unparalleled swim with one of the world's biggest snakes, the anaconda. now he's on a mission to prove there's more to brazil than rain forests. so he's agreed to show "nightline" his most prized and most secret spots. getting there, not easy. it's just dirt and some grass. we transferred to these skiffs and spent hours exploring. >> black vultures eating a kaman carcass. >> reporter: it is the world's largest fresh water wetland, home to the largest concentration of wildlife in the americas, including its biggest cat, the jaguar. >> if you see a jaguar, do like this. >> reporter: make ourselves big. >> and do not move. if we run, we're telling him we are prey. so we should not -- never, ever run. >> reporter: yeah, you don't want to end up like this. lawrence captured one of the rarest jaguar kills
to mitigate any negative impacts. sarah and lawrence are people of integrity who will do that. thank you. >> thank you. >> good evening. my name is michelle long. thank you for allowing me to speak and i'm sorry for the late evening. i am a third generation native san franciscan. as a native, i have seen our great city go through many changes and i know how difficult it to be people to see change ms. their neighbors. i am here to support polka dot, to make sure that changes are good for our community as a whole. my son graduated from polka dot and was very prepared when he entered school. my son is fourth-generation san franciscan. while growing up in the city with a working mom i was brought to our next door neighbor's house for home daycare. it was a wonderful experience for me to be close to home, in my neighborhood and run by a caring person who had kids of her own. it was also affordable. i know this many concerns have been expressed by neighbors and i'm glad that people have the forum to express their concerns. they are a strictly neighborhood residential street. their current lo
lawrence. this is ground breaking stuff after women flying helicopters, combat medics, assigned to submarin submarines, this is the last great barrier to come down. >> you are talking about marine recon units and special operations forces. this was sort of the big glass ceiling that had not been broken yet. you mentioned other ones. army recently opened up special ops aviation that women could be pilots and crew members on aviation flights for special operations forces. this potentially opens up nearly a quarter of a million jobs to women in the military. >> what's the time line on this? it doesn't happen all at once. >> no. it's not like tomorrow all of these jobs are going to open all at once. some will open fairly quickly. the easiest ones to integrate where you've got a lot of women already sort of attached or working at a battalion level. those could be op in six to eight months. some of the tougher ones, special operations forces, certain elite infantry units, those may take years. what the pentagon has got to do now is the individual commands have to start to assess when they may be
in with lawrence karnow with the latest. >> elizabeth, very frigid start to the morning today. you probably had to chip ice off the windshield. but now beginning to thaw out. but the temperatures outside this morning, yeah, bitter cold especially in the north and the east bay. 26 degrees the official low in santa rosa, 29 below zero in concord, then the temperatures moderated but lots of frost toward san jose and 42 degrees even cool for san francisco. outside now we have mostly sunny skies and some hazy sunshine. temperatures are cool in the 40s and 50s. but we are headed right back into that arctic freeze tonight. we'll tell you how low the temperatures will get in a few minutes. >> thank you. >>> a water main break has homes in hayward without water. the line broke near jackson and santa clara streets around 3:30 a.m. crews closed a lane of traffic on jackson street for the repairs. they expect to finish in three hours. still no word on what caused that break. >>> meanwhile, work has resumed on the central subway project in san francisco shutting down streams once again. stockton street betw
of a visual distraction. elsewhere to our other maps, lawrence mentioned the fog. chp issued a fog advisory. more roads work on the peninsula until 6:00 southbound 101 between poplar and 92, only the right lane gets by. more coming up. back to you. >> thank you. >>> some bay area headlines now on this tuesday. a teenaged boy is oakland's first homicide victim of 2013. he was found shot to death in a parked car near hegenberger and hamill street yesterday afternoon. no arrests so far and no word on a motive. >>> the man accused of killing 7 people at oikos university last year is ordered back to court january 28. a judge ruled yesterday that 44- year-old one goh is not mentally fit for trial. his lawyer says there's a good chance he will be sent to napa state hospital for treatment after discussions resume this month. >>> a plane ran off a runway in san carlos. it ended up nose down in a pond stuck in the mud. the pilot and passenger walked away unhurt. the plane had some damage. sheriff's deputies say the pilot may have been going too fast landing. the
be seismic partisan political consequences. we start, though, at the pentagon with our chris lawrence. this is pretty groundbreaking stuff. after women flying helicopters, handling bomb-sniffing dogs, being combat medics, getting assigned to submarines, this is really the last great barrier to come down, right? >> you're exactly right, anderson. you're talking about army infantry, marine recon units and even potentially special operations forces. this was sort of the big glass ceiling that had not been broken yet. you mentioned those other ones. the army recently opened up special ops aviation, that women could be pilots and crew members on aviation flights, for special operations forces. but this potentially opens up nearly a quarter of a million jobs to women in the military. >> what's the timeline on this? i mean, it doesn't happen all at once. >> no, it's not like tomorrow all these jobs are going to open all at once. some will open fairly quickly. the easiest ones to integrate where you've got a lot of women already sort of attached or working at a battalion level. those could be
. that does it for us, now it is time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell, have a great night. >>> the president went to the southwest today to deliver a major speech and we are bringing you "the last word" tonight from even further southwest, way down here in old mexico. los angeles, california, which of course used to be part of mexico until we took it by force, and then started building fences to keep mexicans out of old mexico. >> i'm here today because the time has come. >> right now the president is in the air. >> for common sense. >> he is expected to lay out his own vision. >> outline his immigration priorities. >> immigration reform. >> the immigration. >> immigration. >> immigration reform. >> our immigration system is broken. >> we need congress to act. >> the issue of immigration is not a simple one. >> look, senator, rubio is for it. >> he is now the emissary. >> the face of the national tea party. >> i think we'll do a tremendous service to our country. >> they may get a deal on immigration. >> it wouldn't be a quick process, but will be a fair process. >> the so
of lawrence. lawrence, lawrence, more lawrence all the time. [ laughter ] >> thank you very much. glad to be in here this morning. hey, folks, we have some changes finally going to see a major change in the weather pattern today. looks like showers making a return outside as finally, the storm system is beginning to develop along the coastline. our cbs 5 high-def doppler radar is picking up some of that moisture off the coast. but as we head through the day this is going to start to sag further south and east and more rain will develop. more light scattered showers especially heading into the afternoon. right now, over the bay we are looking at mostly cloudy skies. the temperatures very mild compared to the last couple of weeks. 40s and 50s. the high pressure is sliding east, the jet stream sagging far enough to the south things staying unsettled even into the weekend. if you are traveling around the state, plan on rain into sacramento. 58 there. 58 in fresno. showers in the high country. snow level very, very high. our computer models showing rai
proud of both of their sons. let's check in with lawrence on the weather in the bay area. in new orleans it's chilly. >> i got 49 degrees in new orleans right now. what a change in a high there today michelle, only 57 degrees. here in the bay area it's colder. patchy fog in the valleys, temperatures in the 30s and 40s. but we're in for a gorgeous day ahead. we'll talk about that coming up. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> we are following some breaking traffic news right now in sunnyvale. this is a live look. northbound 101 approaching fair oaks avenue. we have a big rig accident and traffic is slow going. that accident is blocking three lanes right now. as you can see the truck in the accident not overturned but it was damaged. we also understand there's some damage to the guardrail in the area and light pole. a little fluid in the area so a lot of wood be debris in lanes. so traffic alert in effect. you may want to use 280 in the meantime. you have much more coming up. >>> one of the san francisco 49ers team members is apologizin
chastain, marion cotillard, jennifer lawrence, emmanuelle riva, and naomi watts. who wins? > > i think the race is coming out to jessica chastain verses jennifer lawrence. zero dark thirty has a lot of momentum right now. i personally have been in the pocket for jennifer lawrence for a while, but i think this is a very tight race. > here is your list for best actor: bradley cooper, daniel day-lewis, john hawkes, hugh jackman, denzel washington. i think daniel day-lewis is a sure thing. > > i think this is probably the second lock of the night after anne hathaway. > i am right behind you. let's talk about the oscar picks for the best movie. tough year to say the least: "zero dark thirty," "lincoln," "argo," "les mis," "silver linings," "life of pi,"django," "the master," "moonrise kingdom," and "beasts of the southern wild." > > we have that list you have laid out there, it's a list in sort of 1-through-10 order, because we don't know exactly how many films are going to be nominated. it could be seven, it could be 10, it could be eight, could be nine, we don't know. so that is my sort o
of the commission. my name is bruce prescott and i represent the discretionary review requester, lawrence rambling. this case was initially set to be on hearing on the november 15th hearing as a result of a procedural error, apparently, it had to be continued. at that time, the requester himself, there rambling had a commitment today he could not rearrange. i had requested that we had the hearing on a different date and apparently because of the 90-day policy there was no alternative for doing that. i think it's important that mr. rambling is here. he is the requester and i would ask for a continuance for that because he cannot appear. it has come to my attention this afternoon that apparently the neighbors yesterday, while trying to find if there were other neighbors who mountaining be able to attend today learned from one of them that there is apparently an underground stream that runs under this project. leading us to believe there might be some environmental impacts that have not been addressed and i think a continuance would be appropriate so could you investigate that further. although we ha
have a crash on 101 lawrence expressway and we will have more on that coming up but one of the alternates you can use is 280. now we are looking at 237 here and the traffic looks pretty good as you drive so the south bay traffic is light but the crash is northbound 101 in sunny veil. they say it will be there for a while and if i can i want to put up a map in sunny veil. i have circled the area and clearly you can use 280 to 85 to get around the problem and we will talk about this and try and give you alternate roots all morning long. >>> in overnight news, a senior care facility has caught fire for the second time in two weeks. it is happening at lakeshore on third avenue. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty is there with the details of what happened, tara? >> reporter: well, we were inside the building and there is a really strong smell of smoke and a lot of water all over the floor but all of the residents are safely back inside. it all happened shortly after 2:00 at the lakeshore care facility which is off care street and wayne. a portable linen cart caught fir
. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. the dense fog advisory has just been lifted. still, hazy out there. but some big changes coming our way. we'll talk about that coming up. a strange sight in the sky is captured on camera.. but could it really be an out of this >>> i don't know if you see that but there's something orbiting that planet. oh, my god, it blew up. >> this sight in the sky is captured on camera but could it really be an out-of-this-world explosion? welcome back, everyone. the mysterious video shot with a cell phone through the lens of a telescope caught people's attention online as you can imagine. at first, astronomers weren't sure what to make of the video shot by a sacramento man. but a quick call to the national weather service provided a simple answer. that glowing ball that burst apart was likely just a weather balloon. [ pause ] >> it hit the sun and looked impressive. >> it's an old technology we have been using since before world war ii. but it's a basic building block for meteorological anal
a little breeze but we know how that goes in the bay area, right, lawrence? >> we do. one party at a time-out there, huh, michelle? they know how to celebrate. i hope you're having a good time. if you are heading out the door today we have a lot of clouds streaming overhead. the temperatures not as cold. we have some 30s and 50s outside. looking forward to some warmer days ahead. we are going to talk about that coming up in just a moment. aliza? >> good morning, everyone. just a small hiccup for the east bay commute in san lorenzo. a car hit a light pole with a small power outage at hesperian and bachmann. 1,000 pg&e customers affected so far so if you are on the way out and run and run into a blackout intersection, treat it as a four-way stop. we'll have another look at your commute coming up. michelle, i want to know what you did to earn those beads. that's the big question this monday morning. >> just walk down bourbon street and they just throw the beads at you. it's just insane. that's all i did. i promise. you stand along the parade
industry, to the tune of billions every year. now it is time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell, have a good night. >>> so as expected we went off the cliff. less than 24 hours. >> the ayes have it, accordingly, the house stands adjourned. >> with 58 minutes to spare, congress averted the fiscal cliff. >>> nobody is celebrating this morning, but the deal is done. >> the tax issue has been resolved. >> the house approved. >> john boehner got rolled. >> john boehner has had permanent damage done to him. >> john boehner walked past harry reid and said go blank yourself, and then bragged about it. >> does he even want this job anymore? >> one long national nightmare is now finally over. >> the debt ceiling. >> the debt ceiling is coming. >> no. >> the sequesters are coming. >> cue the next countdown clock. >> i will not have another debate with this congress. >> house republicans see it as a trump card. >> they should pay the bills they have already racked up. >> while they approve this deal to avert the fiscal cliff. >> last night the house of representatives failed. >> the
at the interview with a hollywood actor whose break from scientology. and you'll also hear from lawrence wright, whose controversial new book on the church "going clear" came out just today. he set out to understand why some members commit themselves so deeply to scientology. what he found adds a complicated, often troubling layer to our understanding of the church. harry smith has our report. >> reporter: why did you finally leave the church? >> i was ashamed of my own stupidity. of how i could have been so purposely blind for so many years. >> reporter: paul is the oscar winner writer and actor in "cra "crash" and most famous scientologist to leave the church and speak out publicly. >> everyone who left left quietly and was so scared. all the well known team. people. i can't do that. if i leave, i leave loudly. >> we met haggis in rome, where he's working on a new movie, the canadian born filmmaker first joined the church when he was a troubled 21-year-old looking for answers. >> i was in love with a woman who i just couldn't get along with. we can help you with that. that's how it started. >
lawrence karnow. good morning. >> good morning. i suspect that class is probably like going to traffic school. >> probably. so much fun. >> hey, folks. it is freezing around the bay area right now. getting around that. clear air overnight and well, that dry air and the cold temperatures combine to bring freeze warnings in the north bay, frost advisories inside the bay in toward the san jose and santa clara areas, as well. looks like it is going to slowly warm up but boy, it's going to take time so very cold start to the morning. by the afternoon though these 20s and 30s probably running up into the 50s in most spots. looking good over the embarcadero, clear skies and cold temperatures but not bad. 30 degrees in concord. 27 degrees now in santa rosa. 45 degrees in san francisco. high pressure in control. it's going to hold on now and looks like it's going to stick around for a while so we are going to see cold nights and dry air over the next few days and then the temperatures by the afternoon not too bad with mostly sunny skies no threat of rain probably until the weekend. the temperat
a little raindrops. so i think we're going to see the storm, lawrence, probably in the next couple of minutes. >> you haven't heard any thunder or seen any lightning just yet, michelle? >> no. the sky looks a lot different from just a few minutes ago. i want to show you a shot of the sky right now. it is dark. >> oh, yeah. >> it is dark and those clouds are really moving in so i know we're going to be hit good with something. >> this is very impressive on our doppler radar. i'm looking at this line of severe storms that's now approaching you. so get ready. i think by the next time we talk to you you're going to be getting soaked pretty good here. check that out. all the yellows and oranges and reds, that's moving into new orleans right now. and that is going to produce some very heavy rainfall as the system moves on by with the gusty winds and the possibility of lightning strikes too. so going to be a wild half hour or so as the system slides by. quiet in the bay area, clear to the coast. 30s, 40s and 50s. this afternoon milder, 50s and low
, lawrence, it was feeling a lot like the bay area. >> yeah. cool and the humidity is down now so that's very comfortable weather out there. that's all going to change again as we head in toward the weekend. still, around our skies, we are looking at mostly clear weather right now to the coast although we are seeing fog in the north bay valleys and chilly temperatures hovering above freezing in the 30s and the 40s. high pressure though is sitting overhead now and that's going to bring with it some spectacular weather by the afternoon. the next couple of days going to be something else outside. these temperatures running above average usually in the 50s and low 60s. we are going to bust through that today as much as 9 degrees above average in santa rosa, 63 in san francisco and 66 degrees and sunny in san jose. more on your weather coming up. right now let's check on the roads with elizabeth. >> we have been following a big rig accidents for three hours northbound 101 coming into sunnyvale. traffic, if chopper 5 can zoom back, is stacked up into santa
directions free and clear between hayward and downtown. to our maps, lawrence mentioned it some of the fog in the east bay and chp issued a dense fog advisory for stretches of highway 4 in particular, antioch, pittsburg, conditions are pretty slow in the area already. and you can actually see roadwork in lanes as well on eastbound highway 4 through the antioch area. elsewhere here's a live look across the golden gate bridge. did some lane changes a little while ago so now everything is free and clear heading into san francisco. 880 and 237, no delays. the altamont pass still at top speeds from the altamont pass through livermore towards the dublin interchange. bart so far all trains are on time. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> some bay area headlines. a teenaged boy is oakland's first homicide victim of 2013. he was found shot to death in a parked car near hegenberger road and hamilton street yesterday afternoon. so far no arrests and no word on a motive >>> the man accused of killing seven people at oikos university last year is
to viewers. >>> what really, really happened with jennifer lawrence's dress at the s.a.g. awards. with jennifer lawrence's dress at the s.a.g. awards. christian dior speaks out. a ebe, she would help her child. deoxyribonucleic acid. he knew that. [ male announcer ] with everything. go! goooo! no. no no no no no. mommy's here [ male announcer ] but that kind of love is...frowned upon. so instead she gives him capri sun super-v. so he gets more of what he needs... without all the "her" he doesn't think he needs. with one combined serving of fruits and vegetables. capri sun super-v. okay, we gotta time this just right. okay. ready... happy valentine's day. [ female announcer ] the charmed memories collection at kay -- the number one jewelry store in america. ready... [ camera flash ] ♪ every kiss begins with kay your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do. face time and think time make a difference. at edward jones, it's how we make sense of investing. [ all
fair oaks, beyond the lawrence expressway, and slow traffic now, and we have a live shot so we will look. here is what happens, the big rig hit the guardrail and blew the fuel tank. you can see the debris in the lanes, the wood debris there, so c.h.p. is on the scene, with lots of emergency vehicles there, and the glimmer of good news is that two lanes are getting by and you can see the two left lanes passing by the scene again, north 101 sig-alert in affect. to avoid this altogether, 85 or 280 of the good alternate routes. we have no estimated time of re-opening, the sig-alert north 101 sunnyvale yale, -- sunnyvale area. mike? >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd from new orleans. yesterday we tracked severe weather headed for katie marzullo for the super bowl festivities. look how clear it is now. temperature is 38 degrees. we freak out when it is cold and they freak out because it is that cold. it is clear today. tomorrow, too. all the way through the weekend. temperatures will be normal by saturday, sunday, and monday. temperatures at night come up as we increase the hum
. >>> "argo"-naut. ben affleck at the s.a.g. awards. and jennifer lawrence's dress coming apart as she wins best actress. >>> good morning, america. happy monday to robin, at home. josh also off today. welcome back to elizabeth vargas and david muir. welcome to you, as well. let's look at the s.a.g. awards. >> her dress did not rip, by the way. >> it came apart. >> and tina fey. big night for "argo" and "modern family." we'll have all the highlights coming up. >> "argo" a surprise winner. great for our friend, ben affle affleck. >>> we're learning about the fire over the weekend in brazil. 230 people dead. we have brand-new details coming in straight from eyewitnesses on what caused the disaster. we're going to tell you the first thing you should do if you're trapped. you did a big special on this. >> i did. and most people when they're confronted a disaster, they will go out the exit they came in, bypassing exits that work perfectly well. there's a lot of tips of what you can do to increase your chances of surviving in a case like that. >>> and the sudden surcharges taking everybody by sur
're not talking about football. okay, lawrence. let's take a look at the weather. you can see my hair. we have been talking about this the last couple of days and the humidity, you can always tell with this hair i have my umbrella ready because rain is coming. >> you may need more than that, michelle. boy, we have quite a storm. get the guys to gather around there and check your monitor because our high-def doppler radar is picking up on some very impressive rainfall out there. look at this alone of storms that's headed right toward michelle. it's going to be the next hour or so. wouldn't be surprised if they pick up showers, likely to see some thunderstorms embedded in there lightning strikes and it's going to get ripping with heavy rain for a while. around the bay area it's quiet outside mostly clear skies. 50s in pacifica. high pressure dominating our weather. it will be warmer outside as much as 4 to 7 degrees warmer than yesterday's highs so plan on numbers up into the 60s. how long will it stay that way? what about that rain? we'll talk about tha
be a great time to take off especially if the 9ers win, lawrence. then we could get two days off. >> that would be nice to stretch it off. i think there will be a lot of sick calls that day regardless of the game. you know what? we have some changes coming our way and i think you're going to like them as we'll see much- needed sunshine and warmer temperatures outside. right now cool. hi-def doppler tracking rain, not much yet. in fact clouds continuing to pass across our skies as a weak system sliding on through. but after this we're pretty much done with that. temperatures not as cold this morning. seeing breezy conditions at the coastline and 30s and 40s. by the afternoon, a lot of sunshine out there maybe just a couple of passing clouds. highs in the 50s and low 60s. a little cool and brisk at the coastline but much warmer weather to come we'll talk more about that in a moment. let's check the roads with liza battalones. >> better news now, lawrence, for mass transit. amtrak just gave us a call and they have restored service on the capitol
a speech aaron that blaster is the the harvard law school professor lawrence lessig, longtime mentor and friend. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the obama administration is reportedly preparing to unveil a new push for immigration reform in the coming months. according to the new york times, president obama will ask congress to approve measures including a new path to citizenship for some of 11 million undocumented people currently in the united states, as well as a guest worker program for low-wage immigrant workers. a bipartisan group of senators is working on a comprehensive bill that could be introduced as early as march. the administration is backing eventual citizenship after deporting more than 400,000 undocumented people in the 2012 fiscal year, the largest number in u.s. history. a number of civilians have been killed in an explosion that followed a u.s.-led nato raid in afghanistan. the victims reportedly died as they tried to collect the bodies of taliban fighters who have been killed in
ahead "hunger games" actress jennifer lawrence with the naked truth about acting. >>> plus, they're called harriet and ozzie. we'll explain why they've got a million viewed next on this thursday morning on "early today." >>> welcome back on this thursday morning. we are watching cool temperatures again, winter hats and coats. pretty nice in southern california. almost near 70 degrees in l.a. northern california, more clouds, temperatures struggle into the 50s. a few showers in seattle and portland. looking towards tomorrow, a dry day just about everywhere. temperatures very similar to today. if you want to talk about somewhere to go if you want the sunglasses handy for five or six days in a row, at least san diego is looking really nice this upcoming weekend with temperatures up near 70 degrees. enjoy. >> i'm jealous. sounds nice in san diego. thanks. >>> "hunger games" star jennifer lawrence doesn't think too highly of her profession. in an interview with "vanity fair," the actress said quote, not to sound rude but acting is stupid. j. law went on to say while firefighters are s
lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. the skies clearing out now. we are getting ready for a frigid night. just how cold those temperatures will get coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, new state laws go into effe. now, drivers in california n now text and email while drg if they use a voice- operat system. ict banks from >>> a number of new state laws go into effect on new year's day so drivers can text and email while driving if they use a voice operated system. other laws restrict banks from pursuing dual track foreclosures and there are several measures designed to ensure the safety of natural gas pipeline. but there is one hotly contested measure that's still on hold. it's a ban on gay conversion therapy that won't go into effect because of a federal appeals court. it has issued a stay. in san francisco, the minimum wage is going up to $10.55 an hour. that's the highest in the nation. and in alameda county a reusable bag rule kicks in so businesses within the county will stop distributing single use bags to customers. in monterey the fee for a bag increases from 10 to 25 cents for pa
went to jessica lawrence, best supporting actor went to kristoff voltz, and homeland won for a second year in a row. this time damien lewis also won address best actor. "girls" pulled a double surprise winning best comedy and best actress in a comedy. >> i thought i was going to be cooler customer if this ever happened, which i didn't think it would. >> kudos for best actor in a comedy to don cheadle. teen in faye and amy poehler scored for best new hosts. "lincoln" leads the academy awards with 123 nominations. >>> back east now a busy week ahead in washington. preparations are already underway for the inauguration ceremony. it is back to work on the hill as congress takes up the president's cabinet picks, immigration and the debt ceiling. vice president biden finishes his recommendations on gun control. nbc tracie potts has the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we saw the inaugural preps, the rehearsal here on capitol hill over the weekend, but now the focus this week will be inside the capitol. president obama among them an those cabinet nominations including chuck
up with a list of grievances that this assembly debated. >> lawrence blessing has talked about a new constitutional convention. i think it is early. i think it is tricky. i do not mean to sound too conservative. when you say to make a list of grievances, we could sit in this room and come up with a list of six ideas or grievances that need to be made real and lead to change. you need to find your issue, work in your community. work in the organizing around the issue. link up with groups doing work. if it is student debt, find ways to take on the banks, local legislators, and congress in the short term. is not very revolutionary. at the event we did on 9/11, i said i felt this country was in a pre-revolutionary moment. it was about a week before occupy was street launched. i believe in evolution, not revolution. >> katrina, did you read the foreign affairs article that backs up the occupy movement? there was a recent article about the new progressive movement. there is more coming out about the occupy agenda and what they want. you have articulated some of the agenda. geoffrey sax tal
. >> and -- . >> that is one of the great innovators. >> and some pre-emence in. >> he and jacob lawrence. >> and beardon. >> and i am partial to mr. lawrence. he was the artist and residence in my alma mater. who is this? >> this is huey schmidt. >> wow. >> and this is that typical style. >> beautiful. >> and an interesting landscape setting. good morneous. >> and this is an important -- gorgeous. >> and this is an important piece? >> yes. >> this is a recruitment poster for -- to join the -- the, to join the -- . >> the union army. >> right. thank you. >> yes. yes. >> and i said civil rights, you know what i meant. >> yes. >> and -- . >> this is lovely. >> what we have are 10 types and amber types. you are seeing a young girl and we don't have the photographer identified. >> isn't she lovely? >> yes, she is. >> and this is -- i never know? and this is the version, one of the early versions of the emancipation proclamation, the centerpiece of the collection and the exhibition. it was published in september of 1862. >> wow. >> and this is an amazing moment, given the 1 fiftyth anniversary of the emancipa
the lawrence berkeley national lab. lab employees are now in a race against time. >> reporter: this landslide at the lawrence berkeley national laboratory has evacuated building 46, closing a stretch of mcmillan road, displacing 160 employees. >> late, late november or early december, we had a storm come into the bay area where it dumped a lot of rain in a very short period of time. >> the type of bed rock that we have in the bay area is generally relatively weak compared to other parts of the state. >> reporter: ron ruben of the california geological survey explains why it's not safe, even on a sunny day like this. >> the longer you go into the season, the greater that risk becomes, because the ground has absorbed that much more water. >> reporter: that makes the ground heavy and can create a scene like this, a massive landslide in southern california. the building is directly in the way of all the land coming down. relocating all of their employees, tools, instruments and records scientists use will not be easy. >> you can't do it like in
dark thirty." actor in a comedy or musical hugh jackman fo "les mis" and jennifer lawrence. >>> "argo" may have won audiences in america, but iran plans to make a movie in response to that movie. "argo" tells the story of a secret operation in which six americans are rescued from iran after revolutionaries occupied the u.s. embassy in tehran back in 1979. the iranian response film called the general staff will reportedly tell the story of 20 american hostages delivered to the united states by iran revolutionaries. >>> lance armstrong will make a limited confession he says when he sits down with oprah winfrey today. armstrong was stripped of 7 tour de france titles last year amid a lengthy doping scandal and investigation. he said he will speak candidly with oprah today and is expected to apologize. the interview airs thursday on oprah's network own. >>> royal watchers now have a royal baby due date. buckingham palace announced today that prince walmart and kate middleton's first child is due in july. the duchess of cambridge is said to
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